Caring for your Damascus Steel 

Caring for a Damascus steel blade is very similar to caring  for a Carbon steel blade - moisture is the enemy. Once the blade has built up a patina it is much more forgiving, but a fresh Carbon steel-based blade will begin to rust in a heartbeat.

Never, ever:

-Leave the blade resting in standing water

-Rest the blade on a damp tea towel, wash cloth, etc.

-Store in direct contact with leather

-Wash in a dishwasher

To help ensure your Damascus lasts as many years as it possibly can:

After use:

-Rinse the blade clean under running water and wipe dry with a clean cloth

-Lightly oil using food-safe oil (see below)

-Store in a dry place

-While your blade is still developing a patina, it is a good idea to quickly wipe the blade down before moving on to a food preparation task not involving the knife.


A common mistake when oiling a blade is to use something like olive oil that may go rancid. We recommend mineral oil, as it is food-safe, cheap, and readily available.


Many people new to Damascus steel knives are reluctant to wash the blade well. Cleaning your knife is straightforward: rinse it under running water, give it a wipe with a lightly soapy dish sponge, rinse it again and wipe dry. If you’re familiar with the term “Bachelor Wash” (or can decipher the connotation), this is all it takes. The biggest thing to remember is, like cast iron, just make to oil it and store it properly.